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To understand more about trauma, trauma informed services, policies, and systems, please take a look at the content on this page. These are some of director and founder Winden Rowe's contributions to the field along with The Center KSQ partnerships and offerings. In addition to Winden's work both clinical and written, she speaks publicly in the field, and on policy. A world that understands that trauma is at the root of most anything is a world that stands a much better chance for global health and recovery. We're excited to be in this local community and in communities beyond, and making our imprint and difference in the world around us:

A Child's Light

A Child’s Light provides financial resources to children who have been victimized by sexual assault or domestic violence.  Unfortunately, many abused children never receive trauma informed mental health as a result of limited financial resources.  A Child’s Light is a continuing service to our most vulnerable children and adolescents in Chester County.


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