Was Einstein a therapist too?

By The Center KSQ
April 30, 2021

I love Einstein. I love him because somehow his many theories of relativity and beyond seem to apply so perfectly to the trauma/change/healing/life-in-general-being-a-human world.⁣

"We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them."⁣

Kinda makes you wonder... was the although on the shorter side but heavy-weighted brain man processing the physics of space and time? Or was he trying to help influence us all to maybe do a better job at being human?⁣

I’m going with both.⁣

I sent a post out to a group of folks yesterday that I coach in business, specifically the business of counseling.⁣

Funny thing. The American Counseling education model is to teach therapists to be therapists. But there is no teaching therapists how to run the business of doing therapy. So we send grad students out into the world with crippling debt, well intended to be helping professionals, but send them out unarmed with critical skill and information... and silo these people who want to help us all into jobs that pay $30/hour on average. Houston, we have a problem.⁣

So what’s next in that cascade? Fear. Fear because we don’t know how to do the thing that we know how to do. It’s like giving someone the car, but without walls, doors, and airbags.⁣

We also do this with relationships, with high school graduates and taxes (they’re clueless), and so very many other things in life.⁣

“My parents don’t talk about feelings. Repression is in our DNA.”⁣

“I learned calculus. But what are taxes?”⁣

In order to change the cycles, we have to be willing to step into a different circle, process, place. Staying in sameness only gets you more of the same.⁣

It takes hard questions. Do I want to raise my children in the same space of hiding and pretending? Of anguish and repressed pain?⁣

Or do I want to place them on a path where they are safe to know who they are, what they feel, what they want in life? ⁣

Or is the box checking what matters most? Lost on the inside, but hey, that CV sure is impressive.⁣

It takes bravery to apply the clutch and move the gearshift. Autopilot seems like the easier path but in the end it’s just a whole lot more of the same.⁣

Love over fear, that’s the win.⁣

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