Unhealthy language we're conditioned to believe is supportive:

By The Center KSQ
July 6, 2021

Language like:• You'll be fine⁣• Think of it this way...• At least it's not _____.• It could be much worse• It is what it is.If you are a living breathing being in the world right now and feeling somewhat lost or disconnected, it’s not you.⁣It’s the collective.⁣For whatever reason, somewhere along the way social currency changed. And it did not change for our benefit.⁣

I don’t know who decided to start teaching that not feeling is how to do the dealing with life’s challenges. But it’s probably one of the most damaging things to have ever happened to us as a species.⁣

Not feeling, and not allowing others to fully face and sit with the totality of their feelings is something that sends the following messages:⁣• You are not strong enough to do hard things⁣• Feeling, a natural human condition is tainted/dirty/unnatural ⁣• Your truth is unacceptable⁣• Feeling is a bad thing⁣There’s plenty more to add to that list but that’s a decent general overview of how we emotionally constipate people. Thing is, those blockages in our limbic pipeline actually TRULY find their way into the body. And this is where the birthplace of disease begins.⁣Don’t believe me? Read @thebodykeepsthescore then. A @nytimes endless chart topper for a reason.⁣So what does the action to shut you down actually tell you?⁣The person saying those things has not fully met themselves. They live in their blindspots, not in their awareness.⁣Be mindful of those people. Offer love, and acceptance that that’s where and who they are. But also love yourself enough to choose better, seek better, allow better.⁣Who knows, maybe by your example a light will turn on and they’ll follow. Nothing better than spreading that kind of light, a light this world needs maybe now more than ever before.⁣Choose love. Xoxo⁣