By The Center KSQ
December 3, 2020


1. the restoration of friendly relations⁣

2. the action of making one view or belief compatible with another⁣

Reconciliation is not always an easy process, but one we HIGHLY recommend when it comes to any family change.⁣

One of the most painful and truly traumatic changes that can occur in a family is divorce. Truly.⁣

But the pain resides less with the parents, and more so with the children. For the couple, there is relief at the end of it all. But for the children, the change remains ongoing. Forever they now have a two household home, no one place to call home-base. And if you’re reading this is saying “that’s not true for my kids”... oh, but it is. For a child to lose the integrity of their nest, there’s never an end to that. For the rest of their lives all decisions and considerations are and will be through that challenging lens.⁣

But the physical loss does not have to extend so deeply into the emotional. It IS possible to change a relationship, but still demonstrate to the children that you care for them, AND ONE ANOTHER, but it takes coaching, and support.⁣

We do this. We help you with this. We guide you to a new relationship destination, meanwhile teach you the art of working together, and even caring(!), despite no longer being a unit of two as one.⁣

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