Memory isn’t required in order for the body to remember the trauma.

By The Center KSQ
December 16, 2021

Deep in the folds of your central nervous system (CNS=brain and spinal cord) is something called your #hippocampus and it may be one of Mother Nature’s most powerful designs to date.The hippocampus and #amygdala both are sometimes debated in terms of where they structurally are clustered meaning are they autonomic, are they limbic? Regardless, what we do know about the hippocampus is that it is something we call transitional. It has a critical function (or lack thereof) in relaying information between more forward cortical parts of the brain responsible for memory, recall, and the organization of information; as well as communicating to more primitive structures responsible for more animalistic and primal fight flight responses in the brain that are relaying intel to the body. And/or receiving this intel.Basically, we REALLY need functional hippocampi in this world.  Reality is, we are likely VERY hippocampi… hmmm what’s the word….  Compromised. Globally (see ref. global world “leadership”).Here’s what we know about the hippocampus:It functions like a bridge and hopefully we have and are born with a hippocampus that has the integrity of the #brooklynbridge. Problem is that with (you knew it was coming) chronic stress and trauma, the #integrity of that bridge starts to whittle down to something that has the integrity of men on #tinder - oops I meant a thready rope bridge like the one seen in Romancing The Stone (#colombia swoon). That bridge is sexy as hell if it’s @michaelkirkdouglas coming to the rescue, YESPLEASE, but it’s not. What you get is someone whose capacity to recall factually, recall sequentially, or recall at all, it’s likely exponentially off kilter.So, the body then stores the memory of the fear; and the safety switch is WAY ON because the brain’s capacity to think, well if only we were all as lucky as @catherinezetajones and @kathleenturnerbr Good news though! There is evidence of neural genesis (cell birth) in the hippocampus in people as old as our octogenarian friends! Who are the coolest friends, btw. Talk about wise people, and good stories.To learn more @thebodykeepsthescore