Look Up!

By The Center KSQ
July 13, 2020

For anyone lucky enough to be up at 0430 (🙋🏻‍♀️) and lucky enough to have looked up, you likely noticed the most brilliant, unmistakable star in the early morning sky, Venus. She hangs east off of my bedroom, just above my Gemini.⁣⁣And if you looked just to her right, you saw Aldebaran, a star also known as the bulls’s eye, or the eye of Taurus.⁣⁣Also happening at this time is a celestial body, Chiron, known as the wounded healer, going retrograde, or in more Captain-friendly terms, what happens when we look to a galactic mass and it seems to be going backwards.⁣⁣It’s not, it just looks that way.⁣⁣When I was growing up we had no TV. But what we did have was an encyclopedia, and lots of books. At dinner, if someone didn’t know something, The Colonel or Bee instructed us to learn the answer. And so, quite often a book came to the table.⁣⁣A recurring favorite for me was mythology. I have since forgotten much of who did what to whom; but I ate that stuff up. My grandfather, a Navy captain, would teach me stars, and orienting, and looking for patterns.⁣⁣Thanks to Google, and a few old books I keep around, I still look at stars, and look for patterns.⁣⁣The pattern right now, the mythology of this moment in our lives, thanks to Chiron, to Venus, and to Aldebaran, is that we are being given a time to not shy away, but to look at the wounds, to heal them, and to release ourselves from the burden of their pain.⁣⁣I see a lot of people proselytizing love, and a world where we are one; and in the next breath posting “f*ck Trump.” I see right-oriented politicos talking about the America we love, but hating the very same people that built it.⁣⁣What is that?⁣⁣It’s called hypocrisy. It’s called condition. It’s called ego. It’s called acting from your wounds.⁣⁣We won’t get anywhere with that method. We won’t.⁣⁣Each and everyone one of us is okay as we are. And each of us is f*cked up. Wounded.⁣⁣And so it goes.⁣⁣So rather than project, maybe use this time to look to the stars, let them guide you to your healing.⁣⁣It’s your birthright. Otherwise, as the Chinese say, that rabbit there attracts what it fears.⁣⁣Mind your fears. Feel your heart. And love will win for ALL.  ~ Winden