If I could change a few things about the world...

By The Center KSQ
December 18, 2021

If I could change a few things about the world I’d change many things, but one is that instead of teaching some really inane content in school,

I’d teach more applicable curricula.

Curricula that actually helps people understand some of life’s fundamentals so perhaps we’d be a lot less #maslow compromised. If you don’t know Maslow, I encourage you to learn.

Along with that I would make it so that everyone would get experience in several areas of vocation.

We’d all get hands on time in a restaurant (hint: serving people is way harder than it looks and deserves more respect than it gets). We’d all have to teach something to a group of children, and teens (insert same hint aforementioned). And one more is I’d have the whole world spend a week in healthcare, an acute care setting. And if I could, a detox unit so everyone could understand just how misunderstood the trauma of addiction really is. And how very poorly we treat our healthcare workers, which to this day continues to baffle me to no end.Maladaptive coping is not so much a personal issue, as it is societal. Without proper education around the beautiful and INTELLIGENT design of the fight-flight-freeze-and-many-more-f’s-response, this world is left in a state of confusion and social disarray. Without understanding the sheer autonomic power of the #vagusnerve and the interactions between the #HPAaxis and reactivity in inner more primitive regions of the brain, along with quieting in the more outer, more human regions, well of course sometimes we think someone’s going nuts. Or that we ourselves are.But with a little understanding, and practice, suddenly it’s not as bad as it seems, because we now KNOW why we want to instinctively crawl out of our skin when stressors approach.Maladaptive coping is some of the following:

  • addiction
  • obsessions with spending, stuff, status
  • social judgments toward those who don’t come from your pedigree
  • racism and any form of subjugation
  • cutting, harming of any kind
  • bouts of senseless rage
  • avoidance, numbing

It’s an attempt for safety gone bad. There’s nothing wrong with wanting safety, it’s how we handle it and how we’re taught or not that changes the tune.