I Love the Interwebs

By The Center KSQ
August 7, 2020

I love the interwebs.⁣⁣From a human psych standpoint, it sure is an interesting place to visit right now. Loads of insecurity out there being played out via posts and comment threads that are fascinating to say the least. Total popcorn material.⁣⁣But I digress...⁣⁣I love the interwebs not for the anger and the hatred, but for reasons like just a few days ago when I asked for some help making infographics to help better explain what I teach and practice clinically... and after a whole group of friends offered help, I passed around different ideas and this is what came to fruition.⁣⁣Please feel free to share. And brace yourselves, there’s a whole lot more ahead in the coming weeks, months, years of this stuff until my dying day (God willing that’s an old lady badass crone sage style exit). ⁣⁣That anger, that fear that has you up at night; it may be significantly uncomfortable, but I promise you if you take the time to listen to what’s below the surface, eventually you’ll come to find that it’s an uncomfortable call to do some inside work and inner healing. And it’s coming from an inner someone, the you that you used to be before life got weird, and confusing, and stressful, and hard at times, and complicated.⁣⁣You are not everything that your mind thinks. But your mind might want your help in learning to think differently about how you see you.⁣⁣Self love is the key, and like my dear old Dr. J says, get on the bus. Learn the gift of loving who you are, scars and all. It’s like that line from the Velveteen Rabbit, that’s when you know you’re real.⁣⁣Oooo, and most of all, thanks to @amylhuf for bringing this home. I am thankful for you.⁣⁣Xoxo,⁣⁣WSR ⁣