Honor the fear. Hear it. Validate it. Then let it go.⁣

By The Center KSQ
February 9, 2021

I don’t know if it was a side effect of my first Covid shot, or this new moon on the rise, or the nature of February’s nature, but the dreams in the last 48 hours.

Sober Ayahuasca-like to say the least. ⁣

It was fascinating. Old people, old loved ones, old love. And a new love, a baby girl love. Huge achievements, professional recognition. Peace and love across the land. But also a tiny thread of fear.⁣

And then an oracle. A messenger with an important message:⁣

“The rabbit attracts that which it fears.”⁣

Then the coming to, back to the tangible reality of February 8, 2021. Where my very rational human thinking brain greeted me with loads of evaluative questions:⁣

“Are you CERTAIN that you have the right stuff for any of that?! THAT conference? THAT love? THAT life? Don’t you like it here where everything is safe and stable?”⁣

Well yeah sure. Safety and stability is GREAT. After a decade of rebuilding, yeah of course, this life is beautiful.⁣

But where does our attachment to safety and stability turn into stagnation? Preventing the next iteration? Holding onto the snakeskin instead of letting it shed itself, revealing the new and next layer?⁣

Some people in our lives LIVE by fear.⁣

“I know better, I’ve been around longer, I’m older and wiser..” yada yada.⁣

Are they? Or are they those that didn’t let go of the old skin and instead stopped their natural evolution...⁣

I have been deep diving into documentary land. And loving it.⁣

Miles Davis. Sinatra. Fran Leibowitz. Clive Davis. Not one of them made it without an interesting interplay I’ve noticed:⁣

Love, passion, the dream, AND fear. But the fear in the end isn’t what took them down the path. The fear was a rest-stop, the pit... change the tires, check the fluids, do you have more in you? Yes. Good then, let’s roll.⁣

Easier said, harder done. Especially when life has shown you pain, hurt. That people leave. Or die. Or criticize you instead of just simply loving you.⁣

Much easier said.⁣

What helps? Honor the fear. Hear it. Validate it. Then let it go.⁣

Raise the vibration. Visualize your heart pumping literal love into that overactive mind of yours. Find the helpers.⁣

And remember, the sun always shines again.

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