Feel it to Heal it

By The Center KSQ
April 21, 2021

Oooo that super scary F-word... feelings!

I think about this often; what is it about feelings that are so scary for people?⁣

Doing clinical work over the years with kids as compared to adult clients is funny (not funny). Adults come in, you ask how they are, and the standard reply of “fine” pops out like we all tend to do... despite the pain you can see that they’re in. Tension and discomfort in the body. Anguish in the face. Hopelessness in the eyes.⁣

Kids are completely different, and hilarious. They come in, flop on the floor, sprawl out, stare at the ceiling, tell you your shoes are cool, that something is hanging out of your nose, and that they’re feeling really sad because someone was mean to them on the playground. Loose, open, honest. No agenda to please, to hide. Soft in the way they carry themselves, even if tender in the heart.⁣

Somewhere between there and here in the Land of Adulthood it becomes not okay to not be okay, while the trend becomes a mask of a different kind, Covid-life aside.⁣

Of course I’m not suggesting that we turn every run-in into a lament and let go session. But the way we go deeper and deeper into our hiding? Welp, the data speaks. Rates of mental health diagnoses are on the rise, as is the reliance on psychpharm nationally, as is the steady decline in life loving throughout our adult population. And this is REGARDLESS of socioeconomics.⁣

I was telling a client yesterday that we are one of the FEW cultures (post-industrial modern as compared to developing) who push away and isolate those in pain. Tribal, indigenous, shamanic cultures create circles of healing and support around those in pain. And it’s an embedded ritual, an expectation.⁣

Here? Marginalize. Stigmatize. Isolate.⁣

MDMA is making a trend in treatment as is psilocybin. Why? Because those drugs bring you back to yourself. To your feeling. To your healing.⁣

We are sentient, intuitive, and feeling. And we are a part of Mother Nature. Feeling is critical. It is your birthright. It is your truth. And the truth my friends is what sets us all free.⁣

Reconnect with the child you once were. That wise little one will guide you back to your heart

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