An excerpt from the Chester County Press

By The Center KSQ
April 2, 2021

In eye of COVID-19 storm, Center for Change offers calm solutions.

"As her professional calendar was about to flip to 2020, Winden Rowe, the director of The Center for Change at Kennett Square, did what she always does at that time of year. She wrote a list of goals for the Center to achieve in the new year, and at the top of that list was written the words, “Fine Tune.”The exercise had become Rowe’s annual take-a-breath, sketchpad moment, and one that would allow her to diagram the collaborative talents of her like-minded providers in ways that would strengthen and condense its counseling, mediation and wellness-based services.Within a week, “Fine Tune” became “Rebuild.”On Jan. 3, 2020, The Center’s office in the Willowdale Shopping Center was leveled from a severe fire, forcing its team to quickly occupy another building in the complex. Just as they settled into their new space, the COVID-19 pandemic swept through Chester County."Read what happened next...