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Counseling is at the core of what we do at The Center KSQ. The inception of the design of our integrated-wellness community was founded on the insight and vision of our original counseling team. Counseling is such a vital and important tool. It centers around not what is wrong with you, but about what has happened. This is a paradigm shift in the clinical world and a cornerstone to who we are and how we practice as a team at The Center KSQ.

Sarah Lanahan

Sarah engages a trauma-informed approach to care for clients’ mind, body and spirit. This approach does not ask “what is wrong with you” but instead seeks to understand “what happened in your life” that led to where you are now. The course of therapy begins with establishing safety — in self and in relationship — while learning grounding techniques and coping skills for daily life before moving into deeper work for transformation. Short-term and longer-term counseling is available, depending on the client’s needs and goals.

Sarah’s holistic framework takes a client’s whole system into consideration. She believes our struggles usually come from learned (and often reasonable!) responses to difficult circumstances; since we cannot control everything around us, healing comes through cultivating the conditions for peace and groundedness from within. Trained in pastoral care, Sarah’s non-judgmental, non-denominational approach accepts each client for who they are where they are in their journey.

“The people I work with come from a wide range of ages, orientations, cultural backgrounds and relational configurations. The one thing they have in common is the desire to feel better and live more fully.”

Sarah also has a Master’s degree in education, and a former life as a high school teacher. She is drawn to adolescents and young adults who need support navigating a wide variety of challenges and transitions, as well as parents who may be struggling.

Areas of expertise: Relationships, LGBTQ+, family systems, communication, transitions & discernment, anxiety & depression, parenting.

Multicultural competencies, trauma-informed, pastoral care/spiritual formation

Sarah is a pre-licensed counselor under supervision accruing post-grad hours.

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