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Counseling is at the core of what we do at The Center KSQ. The inception of the design of our integrated-wellness community was founded on the insight and vision of our original counseling team. Counseling is such a vital and important tool. It centers around not what is wrong with you, but about what has happened. This is a paradigm shift in the clinical world and a cornerstone to who we are and how we practice as a team at The Center KSQ.

Julie Smith

Julie is passionate about helping the client feel encouraged and supported throughout the therapeutic process. She utilizes many different approaches when in therapy because one size does not fit all, and the same goes for those in therapy. With this, Julie is able to work with the client to listen to the client’s needs which in turn allows client to practice autonomy. Julie believes that the therapeutic relationship is one of the most critical parts of counseling and strives to connect with all her clients.

Julie works with all ages but has the most experience with adult and adolescent clients during her internship, addressing issues such as trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, and other mental health issues that are commonly experienced. Julie’s goal in therapy is to help her clients recognize the supports and strengths that they can utilize during the healing process while also working with the client to promote new knowledge of coping skills and techniques.

Julie is a master’s level clinician who recently graduated from Thomas Jefferson University’s Community and Trauma Counseling Program. Julie uses a trauma-informed approach when working with clients and families to better the whole picture of what is happening with the client.

As a therapist, Julie understands the importance of working alongside multiple levels of support with the client to ensure the best care and treatment planning. Though trauma work and therapy can seem daunting to individuals, Julie works to make each session a comfortable, safe place where the individual can thrive and feel welcomed.

Areas of expertise: Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Stress Management, Grief, and Attachment issues.

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