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Counseling is at the core of what we do at The Center KSQ. The inception of the design of our integrated-wellness community was founded on the insight and vision of our original counseling team. Counseling is such a vital and important tool. It centers around not what is wrong with you, but about what has happened. This is a paradigm shift in the clinical world and a cornerstone to who we are and how we practice as a team at The Center KSQ.

Davejah Nixon

Davejah Nixon is currently working towards her masters in clinical counseling at Neumann University. She is an intern who is genuine and relatable with a focus on making therapy feel safe and judgment free. Through her experiences of being a peer advisor and also a brain injury specialist. She has grown in her ability to help various individuals with coping skills, stress management and behavioral plans. Davejah enjoys working with children, adolescents and adults.

During her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling. She also volunteers at a cheer gym helping children and adolescents learn how to cheer, tumble, and stunt. Through her creative side she loves fashion, poetry, and painting.

Her approach includes CBT, ACT, Reality Therapy and Play Therapy. In the future she plans on training in EMDR to help clients reprocess trauma. Davejah is passionate about engaging with her clients to make them feel heard, empowered and supported during their journey of therapy. She believes life can be tough, but you don’t have to go through tough times alone.

Areas of interest: Anxiety, Stress Management, Trauma, Self-Esteem, Depression, Addiction,  Relationships and LGBTQIA+

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