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Counseling is at the core of what we do at The Center KSQ. The inception of the design of our integrated-wellness community was founded on the insight and vision of our original counseling team. Counseling is such a vital and important tool. It centers around not what is wrong with you, but about what has happened. This is a paradigm shift in the clinical world and a cornerstone to who we are and how we practice as a team at The Center KSQ.

Beth Wolske

Beth is a PA Clinical Licensed Social Worker and Psychology lecturer who has taught for the CUNY system of higher education for the past seven years. She specializes in issues such as anxiety and trauma as well as positive parenting, couple/child relationship dynamics, behavioral therapy, and perinatal complexities involving pregnancy, birth and postpartum. For clients eager to address ritualistic or repetitive thoughts and/or behavior, often triggered by anxiety, trauma, and/or an OCD diagnosis, Beth offers a unique blend of Exposure Response Prevention coupled with empathetic, psychodynamic therapy. Beth’s approach is an effective, compassionate method to approach tough rituals and fears that often are difficult for us to solve on our own.

Beth earned her Masters Degree in Social Work from West Chester University and has served in many therapeutic roles throughout her career. Her experience working with women, children, and families spans a variety of disciplines and environments. Prior to teaching she served as a Behavior Specialist for several non profit agencies in Chester County, leading the Parent-Child-Interaction-Therapy unit and helping parents form stronger and more resilient relationships with their children. She has also served as a school counselor for the New Castle County public schools, working with children from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds and encouraging emotional wellness and support for local youth. She has worked in homes across Chester County providing therapy to children on the autism spectrum, and worked in Early Intervention services at The Arc of Chester County.

“I have always been drawn to people-intrigued by how our minds sort through issues and often get stuck when we are without support. My goal is to empower clients to feel safe and supported in their own feelings while establishing skills to reach life goals-whether emotional, intellectual, physical, relational or spiritual. I believe the relationship between therapist and client is paramount and I work in alliance with clients throughout treatment to encourage a united, effective approach.”

Areas of expertise: Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Perinatal Complexities (anxiety, trauma, depression), Parenting, Family Relationships.

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